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A Little Progress Turned Into a Life Overhaul for Emyllia

Emyllia Baker decided to enter her 20s on a positive note.

Soon to be 21, Emyllia entered her first challenge at Nutrishop by joining forces with her mom, Tracie, and the duo together totaled 67 points--with Emyllia accounting for 50 of those! Together they lost 36 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle.

"I had heard of Nutrishop, but had never been in or shopped here--but my mom has, and she needed a partner!" Emyllia said. "She's a very driven person, too, so when I said I was in, she said, 'OK, so now, we have to win it.'"

Emyllia had tried to lose weight before, but never found programming that worked for her. She'd try, not see results, and give up her pursuit. But during our challenge, once she saw change in both her body and on paper via the InBody scale, she felt reassured that the choices she was making were positive and that the work was beginning to pay off.

"Before, I’d get a week or two in and I’d fall off the wagon," she said. "At Nutrishop, when I saw results, that feeling of being confident and liking myself, that was way more addicting than any food! The feeling I get from bettering myself was the best motivation I'd experienced."

As Emyllia and Tracie progressed, their competitive desire didn't wane, but they did notice that they no longer were prioritizing winning--they were simply enjoying making progress together. Emyllia's supplement stack included Lipocor, Hypercor, Lipotropic and BCAAs to help her lose body fat, and Tracie included Fiburn. They built their stacks on the advice of Christina and Toby at Nutrishop, who first made sure they understood what their goals were and then adjusted their supplements accordingly.

For Emyllia, people started noticing her progress and wanted to know what diet she was on. That's when she felt confident in sharing the truth: She had changed her habits completely.

"My coworkers kept asking me about it, looking for updates, and I told people it’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change. I’m not depriving myself of things, but making changes better for myself. When the challenge was over, everyone asked if I wanted a cheat meal, and the answer was still no."

Emyllia now says she's feeling marked improvements in her physical and mental health, and that her self-esteem has skyrocketed.

"I used to be so insecure, with social anxiety, and now I'm more confident and happy with myself and able to be myself," she said. "I'm proud of what I've done, and I know the staff at Nutrishop is too. When Christina told me my results, she started crying out of happiness! I'm definitely a grateful customer."


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