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“I can't say enough about this place! Toby and the team are amazing! Very friendly, they know there stuff and they are very happy to help you. I was nervous about going in and getting started with the gym, they made me feel like I have been doing this for years! I won't shop any place else.”

Brian Kosonen

“Awesome staff. Always friendly and wants the best for each and every client. Offers nutrition, supplementation, meal plans, etc. for competitors, or just that extra jumpstart you need for those wishing to live a healthier lifestyle. These guys know their stuff. Definitely the BEST supplement store in North Idaho.”

Courtney Lynn Smithson

“Toby is awesome! Each time I have been there he’s always extremely helpful, and definitely knows his products! Will definitely be frequenting Nutrishop a lot more because of him.”

Danny Berg

“Toby and his staff always ask customers what their personal goals are when they are shopping, establishing trust and rapport with each customer so they return to their shop in the future. They do a great job of seeing each customer as an individual and consistently give them the appropriate supplements that fit their needs.”

Lindsay M. Martin

“Don’t know where to start with your diet, fitness, or what kind of supplements that fit your needs and for you to reach your goals? I’d recommend going to Nutrishop to talk to Toby or his staff. They both know what they’re talking about. Great service, they’re professional, and the supplements are great!”

Jordan Quast


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