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How Discipline, the Right Products, and Experience Made Jeff a Two-Time NUTRISHOP Challenge Winner

Jeff Walther, 44, had won a Nutrishop Transformation Challenge before and has participated successfully in every single one since that first winning experience. This time around, Jeff wasn't expecting to win--he'd just hoped to keep working hard and stay disciplined.

But to Jeff's surprise, this challenge felt easier.

"I was more focused than I'd ever been because I already had a blueprint," he said. "I had the self-discipline. I knew what I needed to do, and I didn't allow any excuses to get me away from the plan."

Jeff lost 14.6 pounds of fat and put on 6.3 pounds of muscle in nine weeks. With a demanding job and as the father of three boys, Jeff has a hectic schedule and ample opportunity to make excuses not to get things done. But he never wavered. This time, after talking with Toby at Nutrishop about more ways he could gain an edge, he implemented intermittent fasting after first being intimidated and resistant. It ended up being a change Jeff loved and that worked wonders for him.

Jeff works in jiu-jitsu to his fitness programming to keep things fun and challenging.

Because Jeff was training fasted, he knew he had to supplement his diet correctly, too. A consistent stack of a few essentials made a huge difference for him: Forza Pro protein powder (he usually goes with chocolate), BCAA Sport, Nature's Fuel, and Thermovex are his go-tos.

"Once I had the right products, it was just more discipline, making sure I was getting the timing things right. I took BCAAs during the day, hitting the protein right after workouts," Jeff said. "I tried to get as much in during my recovery window as I could, so that's when I would have my protein, Nature's Fuel and BCAAs, and make sure I got enough calories to recover."

Before his workouts, Thermovex is Jeff's regular source of caffeine, and he'd take it with his BCAAs to fuel his lifts. "It was a huge help," he said.

Jeff's health is now part of his lifestyle--one he wants to share with his family for years to come.

Jeff's workout schedule is a lesson in efficiency. Frequently only able to hit the gym three times a week with his work schedule, he makes the most of it. He strength trains for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training. Those hour-long workouts, done on his lunch breaks, often got interrupted with work emergency calls--and sometimes, he simply wasn't feeling up to it. It was in those moments, Jeff said, that he felt he made significant strides.

"On those days, that was the best workout I’d have all week," Jeff said. "I pushed it, got out of the gym, and it was awesome."

With three boys aged 10, 8 and 5, Jeff is determined to share his improved lifestyle with his kids by setting a good example. He often hikes and goes on bike rides with them, and all three of his boys are in jiu-jitsu classes, as he is. He shares the lessons he's learned from Nutrishop with his family now, hoping to avoid them having to learn the hard way, as he did.

"I feel great. I can’t wait til the next challenge," said Jeff, whose goal now is to keep his momentum going and win two in a row. "Having success in these challenges is great, but when you do it in spite of life happening, that’s really big."



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