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A Third-Place Showing in Her First Challenge is Just a Part of Naomi's Triumph

Naomi Daniell, 35, starts her story this way:

"I'm an alcoholic, and I've been struggling with my sobriety."

But a lot can change from start to finish.

A year ago, Naomi celebrated 365 days sober by making another big decision--she would get in the best shape of her life. And, on top of that, she got engaged to marry. She had plenty of incentive, needless to say, but not necessarily a lot of direction on how to make it all happen.

A focus on her health has allowed Naomi to integrate her meal plans and exercise easily into the outdoor activities she loves.

She had started the year trying another workout and diet program, but with no accountability built in, she said, it didn't stick. And then, Naomi found us.

"Through Facebook and some mutual friends, I tried the Nutrishop Challenge," she said. " The staff was really informative and encouraging, and I feel like they really gave me everything I needed to be successful."

Naomi ended up taking third place in our challenge, losing 12.4 pounds of fat and gaining 1.5 pounds of muscle in her first challenge. Though she's always been a pretty active person, she had no experience with supplementation or a sustained training and meal plan regimen before.

The biggest change, though, was that she had a community behind her at Nutrishop. She loved the accountability, where she could track her progress weekly, see her results, and get pointers. Succeeding in our challenges is tough enough, but Naomi overcame even more challenges. She and her fiancee were in the midst of moving, and in the interim lived in a 16-foot, 200-square-foot yurt with no running water--needless to say, food prepping was a challenge!

"That was one of the hardest challenges of all--I hauled a lot of water!" Naomi said with a laugh. "But it was also a place that Nutrishop really helped me, because they gave me so many options so I wouldn't get sick of one thing, whether it was supplements or my meal plan. And they loved hearing about my personal life, too--how my move was going, or how the wedding planning was going along."

As a newcomer to supplements, Naomi admits she was a little wide-eyed at the prospect of it, but she asked a ton of questions to find the right ones for her. She kept a consistent stock of Nature's Fuel, and BCAAs on hand to keep her general health and muscle retention up, and rounded things out with Thermovex, Detoxin--a detoxifying tablet she really likes for its gentleness and effectiveness--and Thermovex PM, as she's always had a hard time with her sleeping patterns.

All in all, Naomi said, the Challenge and her experience with Nutrishop has helped cap off what has been an incredible couple of years.

"I really can't complain," she said. "My life has been pretty awesome lately."

With her dedication to her own personal health, Naomi is a huge inspiration to us and we are so proud to be even a small part of her journey. We also know she'll be an inspiration to those going through some of the same struggles she has been able to prevail over.

"I hope it's something that people can hear and that helps them," she said. "Once you work through it, there is a great life waiting on the other side."


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