A 3-day split of weight training and a recharge day focused on stretching, core strength & mobility, the goal is to stoke the body’s fat-burning furnace with supersets and compound movements. Keep rest periods to no longer than 60 seconds between sets; if a superset is listed, take no rest between exercises within the superset, and rest only after the superset is complete.

Cardio: After your resistance workouts, perform 15 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training on an elliptical or bike. Do at least 3 cardio sessions a week, but doing all 5 days or more will yield faster results. Use the 45-15 method: Do 45 seconds at a normal pace, not too fast, followed by 15 seconds of all-out effort (100-percent speed). Then ramp it back down and repeat for a total of 15 intervals.


Rest & Intensity: Focus on keeping the heart rate high for fat loss with supersets and trisets that recruit multiple muscle groups. Reps will be between 15-20, but no more – if you can perform 30 reps in any set, you need to go heavier until 20 reps is difficult to achieve. Before each workout, perform a 5-10 minute warm-up (jump rope for 3 mins, 10 push-ups, 60 seconds of jumping jacks).


The Men's Transformation Workout is a personal challenge for each individual and there are no suggested or guaranteed results. The information above is not intended as a substitute for individual, professional advice or medical advice in diagnosing, treating or curing a health issue or disease. Please consult your doctor, health care provider, or other health care professional including a certified nutritionist before beginning a new diet, exercise or supplement regimen, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.


  1. 3 Trisets

    • Chest: Flat Barbell Bench x 15

    • Shoulders: Lateral Dumbbell Flys x 20

    • Triceps: Cable V-bar Pushdowns x 20

  2. 3 Trisets

    • Chest: Incline Dumbbell Flys x 20

    • Shoulders: Rear Delt Flys x 15

    • Triceps: Close-Grip Bench Press x 20

  3. 3 Trisets

    • Chest: Plyometric push-ups x 15 or to failure (clap your hands during ascent if you can)

    • Shoulders: Single-arm Kettlebell Press x 15 each (use dumbbells if no kettlebell is available)

    • Triceps: Diamond push-ups x 15 or to failure



  1. 3 Trisets

    • Compound Lift: Barbell Front Squat x 15 (check your weight – this will be challenging to go heavy)

    • Hamstrings: Lying Leg Curls x 15 (do medicine ball hamstring curls if machine unavailable)

    • Quads: Seated Leg Press x 15

  2. 3 Trisets

    • Compound Lift: Standard Deadlift x 15 (again, watch your weight – should be light enough to allow proper form for each rep)

    • Quads: In-place alternating forward lunges x 15 per leg

    • Hamstrings: One-legged dumbbell Romanian deadlift x 15 per leg

  3. 3 Trisets

    • Calves: 50 body-weight standing calf raises on a step or stair

    • Calves: 25 seated calf raises (heavy, toes in)

    • Calves: 25 seated calf raises (heavy, toes out)



  1. 4 Supersets

    • Back: Lat Pulldowns x 15-20 (wide-grip pull-ups or assisted wide-grip pull-ups are optional if machine is unavailable)

    • Biceps: Preacher Curls x 15 full range of motion reps, then 5 partial reps (top portion of curl only)

  2. 4 Supersets

    • Back: Seated Cable Rows x 15-20 (perform bent-over barbell rows if machine is unavailable)

    • Biceps: Incline Dumbbell Curls x 15 per arm

  3. 4 Supersets

    • Back: Hanging Rows x 15 (use Smith machine with bar locked in)

    • Biceps: Cable Curl 21s – 7 full curl reps, 7 bottom portion only, 7 top portion only



  1. 4 Supersets

    • Foam roller hamstring stretches x 15 per leg

    • Foam roller calf stretches x 15 per leg

  2. 4 Tri-Sets

    • Planks x 30-60 seconds

    • Brettzel stretches x 10 seconds per side

    • Foam roller thoracic spine release x 10

  3. 4 Supersets

    • Lying leg raises – both legs x 10 seconds, 1 inch off ground

    • Lying leg raises – alternate one leg up, other leg 1 inch off ground, x 10 seconds each




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