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Brenda Palmer

Marketing Coordinator, CPT & CNC

Brenda Palmer is the marketing coordinator for Nutrishop CDA.  She was a customer first, starting in July of 2018 and weighing in at 211 pounds and 51% bodyfat.  As a single mom of 5, weight loss and fitness was little more than a dream at that point.  After losing about 20 pounds on her own, she was looking for a better way to track her success (HELLO INBODY scan!!).  Since then, she’s lost over 100 pounds, and 25% body fat!! 

She has been working with us on the sales floor since March of 2021, and has recently taken on the role of Marketing Coordinator and taking on our social media presence on multiple platforms.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management, and an MBA in healthcare administration.  She is also certified with ISSA as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. 

After discovering the countless benefits of weight loss, fitness, and overall health, she has been a strong advocate for others just starting their journey in helping them learn and discover ways to support their own goals and find the same benefits.  With a unique understanding of nutrition from both a book AND a personal standpoint, she’s a valuable asset and we have enjoyed having her on our team 

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