Lisa Schindelbeck


Co-owner & Operator

Lisa Schindelbeck, co-owner of Nutrishop CDA, lives in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and considers herself blessed and privileged to get to help her community in the very thing she is so passionate about, health and nutrition. With her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Riverside, she went to work with McNeil Pharmaceutical, a Johnson and Johnson Company, as one of their youngest representatives in the field. In working with doctors, nurses and the healthcare industry, she realized that helping people become the healthiest versions of themselves is what truly inspired her. But with the handcuffs of western medicine and pharmaceuticals, she would have to widen her knowledge of health, supplements, and nutrition to truly help people.

She set her sights on the Natural Health care industry and became a sales representative for a local supplement distributor in Southern California and began working with Toby Schindelbeck at Max Muscle Riverside, Ca., a sports nutrition store. She attained her supplement certification and became a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition to working at Max Muscle, Lisa and Toby created and opened a private gym and training studio, Accelerated Results, where she helped educate so many members of her community about their health, nutrition, supplements and exercise. Her clients’ transformations were phenomenal, and her vision of helping people harness the tools to change their lives for the better had become a reality!

Lisa and Toby went on to open four Max Muscle stores in Riverside, CA She began her own Nutrition counseling company, Total Body Nutrition in 2004, where she focused on supplements and nutrition with her clients. She then created her own line of goal-oriented meals, called Fit Meals, hired a chef and in a professional kitchen used whole foods to create custom meals with the goal of increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat simultaneously. Fit Meals were a wholesome success and were sold in all four stores as well as the local spa. But Lisa and Toby had a deep desire to leave the chaos of Southern California. So they soon sold all four stores and Accelerated Results and headed for Northern California, looking forward to all of the beauty and space it had to offer.

Lisa and Toby moved to Paradise, CA and opened two Nutrishop sports nutrition and weight-loss superstores, in the nearby town of Chico. Nutrishop was always cutting edge and ahead of the sports nutrition market. The services and value that they offered to their clients were unparalleled! Lisa then began to dig deeper into the natural health industry and completed her Applied Kinesiology courses through a well-known naturopath. In learning more about her own physical struggles of digestive disease and hormone imbalances, she fought to heal herself and educate others with similar needs. Lisa loved her friends, the community, the forest, rivers, and parks Paradise and Chico had to offer but God was calling her and Toby north.

In 2013 Lisa and Toby headed to Coeur d ‘Alene, Idaho, where they fell in love with the lakes, the land, and the community. The construction started quickly to open the Northwest’s first Nutrishop and within two months, the doors were open! The CDA community had a massive need for intelligent, goal oriented supplement and nutrition design to come together for the everyday person. She and Toby wanted to make Nutrishop CDA a place where husbands, wives, friends, family members, athletes, competitors and every person in their community could come and be encouraged, get educated and have all of the support that he or she needed to be the healthiest versions of themselves!

Then in late 2013, Lisa was diagnosed with Lyme disease throughout her whole body and brain. After seeking the help of a Natural practitioner and diving into more research about the body, supplements, and nutrition than she ever could have imagined, she began to heal.

“The gift of surviving your own fight for health is that you can use your new knowledge, experience, and compassion to help others in theirs. What we do here is personal. We learn so much about our clients, their journeys and goals. It’s an awesome experience!”

Lisa loves the personal relationships that this type of business cultivates! “Let what you love be what you do” is what I get to do on a daily basis. “Toby and I work very hard, but we both get to do what we love, and we are so blessed for it!”